Feast of Mary Magadalene

Mary Magdalene Feast Day July 27, 2014, 6:00 pm Unitarian Fellowship of Houston, 1504 Wirt Road, Houston, TX  77055 2014_MM_600 Join us for an exciting evening of dialogue and ceremony celebrating all that we know of Mary Magdalene, what we have been told about her and how she relates to our lives as women in today’s world.  We begin in her garden of the past as we move through the icons we know of her and create our presence with her. Speakers include:

Light dinner, drinks and wonderful scarf is included with your registration.

Cost $35

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Enneagram Classes

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Level 1 -Introduction to the Enneagram Subtypes
June 29 (Sunday) or September 7 (Sunday) or November 8 (Saturday)  All three classes are 1-5pm in room S-301

The Enneagram is a personality system that teaches emotional and spiritual intelligence, and helps us expand our relationship skills. It describes specifically how we unknowingly separate from God, ourselves, and others. This system helps us discover the nine different ways each personality style behaves, feels, and thinks. This class is for those new to the Enneagram and those who want to learn practical Enneagram applications for daily life.  Learn the characteristics, communication tips, speaking style, body language, and anger triggers for the nine personalities.  Enjoy lively interactive exercises, and discover the “catch-22” for the each type.

Level 2 – Enneagram Subtypes
July 27 (Sunday, 1-5pm in room J-203) or October 4 (Saturday, 1-5 pm in room S-301)

There are three variations in each Enneagram type.  So there are three kinds of Ones, three kinds of Twos, etc.  Come see which Three looks like a One, which Two does not look like a Two, and how others with your same type are different from you.  Subtype differences in couples can be a bigger source of conflict than the differences between Enneagram types.

2013 Helen Palmer Video on Enneagram Transformation
August 19, 20, 21  (Tuesday-Thursday, 6:30-9pm in room J-203)

This DVD series focuses on transformation by interviewing groups (panels) of each Enneagram type. This class is for those who have been working with their Enneagram style and want to do more serious Enneagram work. The videos are fascinating, touching, and insightful.  When Bill Kerley, a local Jungian analyst and minister, saw Helen Palmer on the DVD, he said, “She is brilliant!” Knowledge of your Enneagram type or instructor approval is required. Feel free to bring a lunch and coffee will be provided.  You can repeat any session for free at future showings as long as you register in advance.

Session#1 – Head Center (5/6/7), Session#2 – Heart Center (2/3/4), Session#3 – Body Center (8/9/1)

Video on WOMEN & RELATIONSHIPS (type 3), plus ADVANCED COMMUNICATION (how your type shows up in email)
June 10 (Tuesday, 7-9:30 pm in room S-301)

Learn how your type comes through when using email. Plus, view a video from the Palmer/Daniels program. One Ginger Lapid-Bogda professional learning tool is included. Level 1 or instructor approval required. Class size is limited.

Registration is suggested due to limited seating.  Please call for child care arrangements. For information, email Judy Wilbratte at info@the9types.com or call (713) 410-7123. REGISTRATION:  PayPal: http://the9types.com/TRAINING_CLASSES.html 

Centering Prayer

Led by Pam Stockton and Carole Pentony, Centering Prayer is a modern restatement of Christian silent prayer and meditation practices that trace their origin to the early monastic tradition. For additional information, call Pam Stockton at 713-416-4678.

Meets on Mondays at 11:15 am until Noon in the Mellinger Room of Christ Church Cathedral, 1117 Texas Ave, Houston. Free of Charge, all are welcome. 

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